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Sunday, 3 May 2009

EA, IT and SOA Governance

An Organisation should have a well-defined model and policies enforcement processes related to Enterprise Architecture (EA) Governance, SOA Governance and IT Governance.

My understanding of EA Governance and IT Governance is IT Governance looks after the IT operations and how IT services enables business operations. However, Enterprise Architecture governance influences the solution, design and delivery of IT and Business Strategy. If the Organisation is in the journey of process driven SOA then SOA Governance is key to the success. The SOA Governance policy enforcement processes use the policies, standards, guidelines and processes provided by
-EA governance to design and to align with IT Strategy and Roadmaps (mainly strategic)
-IT governance policies to enable the business operations (mainly aspects like Project Management, Release Management. Incident Management, Business Continuity Planning, Budgeting etc.)

The SOA Governance model has its own policies, standards, guidelines however; it should be aligned to the policies, standards or guidelines provided by EA and IT Governance models.

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